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Gregorio Luke’s


“My philosophy is simple: if people don’t come to art, take art to the people.”


Murals Under the Stars is a public lecture event designed for large masses and a general audience. Presented as an evening, outdoor event utilizing powerful digital projectors, the audience is awed by the magnificence of the visual images projected life-size onto an inflatable portable screen. As the stars appear in the night sky, audiences view the lecture seated out-of-doors in museum gardens, public parks, parking lots, city plazas, beaches or basketball courts and playing fields. Many of the presentations include additional film clips, historic audio recordings or special performances by dancers, and musicians to amplify the listener’s experience of being present with the subject. Originally Murals Under the Stars focused in the great murals of Mexican artist such as Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco. Presentations have evolved to embrace a large repertoire of topics. The host venue may select from a series of lectures to consider either one lecture as a solo performance, or as a series of lectures offered over the course of several evenings. Luke will tailor each lecture for the host venue according to their location and audience needs. Each lecture is about one and a half hours; an intermission can be included if the host venue would like to offer food booths and other vendors for their public event. Please consider one or more lectures from the following list:










Mexican Artists:
Frida Kahlo (painter, 1907-1954), Diego Rivera (muralist, 1886-1957); Jose Clemente Orozco (muralist, 1883-1949); David Alfaro Siqueiros (muralist,1896-1974); Rufino Tamayo (muralist and painter, 1899-1991); Miguel Covarrubias (painter and anthropologist,1904-1957); Raul Anguiano (muralist and painter, 1915-2006); Luis Barragan (architect, 1914-2009); Tina Modotti (photographer, 1896-1942); Mexican Art (survey of Olmec art, 1500 B.C. to Muralism, 1900s).











Mexican History & Culture: 
Cinco de Mayo (1858–60,Battle of Puebla); Lincoln & Juarez (U.S. & Mexico Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juarez, 1800s); Octavio Paz (1914-1998, Nobel Prize 1990); Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz (Mexican nun and Baroque literary muse, 1651-1695); Agustin Lara (1897-1970) Mexico’s most important popular music composer; Mariachis Music; (with a live Mariachi band) Mexican Cuisine Cuisine; The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema; Day of the Dead A complete overview María Felix Mexico’s greatest female film star; Cri, Cri para Niños ( Mexican children composer).












Western Art and Culture: 
Life of Jesus (Bethlehem 4 AD –Jerusalem 34 AD); Michelangelo (Italian sculptor, painter, architect, 1475-1564); Ernest Hemmingway (American author, 1899-1961 ); Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch painter, 1853-1890); Picasso: Myth, Master and Monster (Spanish painter, 1881-1973); LOVE (Valentine’s Day ); Plight of the Immigrant (20th C. U.S/ Mexico Border).





Lecture Format:








Lecturer Provides: The lecturer provides the portable equipment easily installed. With the assistance of  a technician, a powerful digital projector is used to project the related visual images onto a custom-made, portable and inflatable 42 x 22 feet screen, seen by the audience in full scale and life-size:     * One (1) inflatable 42 X 22 ft. screen; * Two (2) - 5,000 lumen projectors; * Two (2) laptops; * One (1) technician

Host Venue Provides: The hosting venue is requested to provide the sound system and podium, seating when needed, and a stage if accompanying live performers are included. Set-up takes approx. 2 hours and breakdown approx. 1 hour.  Each lecture is approximately 1 to 1½ hours, depending on the venue. The speaker’s podium is placed to the right of the screen; the sound speakers are placed on either side of the screen. The audio visual equipment is positioned 98 feet from the screen to be most effective.
* A sound system of two (2) large speakers and two (2) microphones; * Access to electricity or a 10 kw generator; * A   speaker’s podium with light and if possible an overhead speaker’s spotlight; * 4 x 8 table with four (4) chairs for technician and projector; * Four (4) volunteers to assist in setup and breakdown; *Audience seating: brought by individual; or folding chairs provided by venue  * Promotional and social media support; lecturer can provide images and descriptive text;  promotional materials to be approved between host and lecturer.

 For more  information & fees please contact:


Gregorio Luke
 MAILING ADDRESS: 3,000 E. 2nd St. Long Beach CA.90803   

OFFICE:  CELL: 562 305 0133


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